About the Shoguns of the Dark!

Shogun Bio

Four artists sharing a common goal of bettering their art skills.

Four artist from four corners of the globe! Two with the same ethnicity but they’re further away than the other two. One thinks he’s African and the other thinks he’s ghetto.

Four spoons in a drawer.

We are the Shoguns of the Dark!

Shogun Dicks (he thinks he has a cool shogun name. he’s wrong.)

He draws. He poops. He draws some more. He likes making little demons and then stabbing them onto a canvas. He has a blog and a portfolio. They’re both powered by hamsters.


Taicho Susanoo Yojimbo (no i’m not kobe!)

Taicho susanoo commander of the winds, chancellor of haha, demon of the northern shores of osaka comin to visit your mom.


Cambodian Shogunaut (he’s busy chasing dragons)

He’s Cambodian. He dreams the skies of becoming an Astronaut. He travels the globe searching for omoshiroii Balut. He is the Shogunaut of the Dark. (We don’t what that is)


Shogun Ookami (he says he’s a ninja too)

Game artist by day, ninja by night! He sneaks into your brain to live your fantasies, to make you cry and feel ashamed! He tells it like it is without saying a word and can kill you with chopsticks in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other!


Upon seeing this page ‘Shogun Ookami’ exlaimed ‘That’s Tizzle’.


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